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Content Management - ProfileDesign CMS


content management system

Vega CMSOur content management
software is easy to use


ProfileDesign CMS is a web based Content Management System that helps you to update content on your website.


All you need are a computer connected to the internet. Everything are done via the browser. Wherever you must be in the world.

The solution is currently only awailable in Norwegian and English, but will eventually come in both Swedish and Danish.

The solution are modular and allows you to easily decide what features you want.



Design are included
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 Page management
 Language option
 Photo gallery w/upload of pictures/files
  Link module for the effective management of internet addresses
  Backup function
 News system
 Comments (for News system)
 Guestbook (with administration)
 User management (Unlimited administrators)
  Global settings
 Contact form
  Help database and support
  System updates
 Custom features



 Control panel

The first thing you se when you log on the system is this:




When we setup a website for you, it will be very easy for you to modify, add and remove content as you wish. You log into the website control panel quickly and easy, wherever in the world you happen to be.


You manage yourself the contents of individual pages directly from you browser and do not need any special program installed on you machine.


Can you write and e-mail? Then you're already qualified. And if are you stuck with something, then you can easily contact support.


We bring you a big step closer to the internet, and along for the ride you will get qualified personnel with years of experience within the profession.


The system has been developed in Norway by programmers who know several different programming languages.

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Page management:

Lettfattelig kontrollpanel Redigere side 1. steg Edit page 2 step

























The possibilities you have are..

  • Create unlimited pages.
  • Select what pages to display where. (Sort the pages by your choise)
  • Tree structure. (Place one page under another page)
  • When a page are created, it will be available through the rest of the system.
  • TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for editing. (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Checkout of pages so that other administrators can't make changes while you're working on it. Prevents that your work will be overwritten by others.
  • Specifying META tags "Keywords" and "Description" for a spesific page. Makes it easier for search engines to understand the content of the page.
  • Deciding when a page should be public.


Inserting YouTube videos are very simple. All you need to do is paste the link to the video, and the system does the rest.

Insert video from youtube Insert video from youtube



You can also include videos in a small pop-up. See an example here.




You get a powerful tool at your disposal. As easy as typing a document in word. To change the content of pages and news articles the system uses the "open source" editor TinyMCE, which are awailable on the internet. This is free and we do not charge for this. This means that the cost for you are as small as possible.


When we customize a solution, you choose what features that you want. Something that also saves you a lot of unnecessary expenses. You choose, for an example, if you want a guestbook on your site.


What costs are the creation and design of the website, as well as maintenance, system updates and updating the content. As well as designing new services and additions.



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 Language option


Select the language for your user. Norwegian or English. You can also translate pages and news directly. To use an engine to translate may be all well and good, but use a little time on the translation of your website, the result is much better. Do not have to translate the contents, nor let such as google translate the site for you. It is entirely up to you. You can still use the system in either Norwegian or English, depending on what suits you.


At this point, the control panel are available in Norwegian and English.


More information about language packs and translations.



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 The Gallery

Your own gallery

The gallery also has many features. But anyway, it's easy and straightforward. You can upload images directly through the browser, create new albums yourself and choose the album where the images should be. You can also change the description, photographer, etc.


[ See a public demonstration of the gallery ]
[ How to use the gallery (Control panel) ]


Uploading images:

  • Photos are automatically scaled.
  • Stored in two sizes.
  • Image description, Photographer and album.
  • Images can be cropped to a smaller size.

Uploading files:

  • Upload documents, spreadsheets, text files, PDF, etc.
  • Supports many different formats.



It is possible to insert dynamic slide show at the pages.


Colorbox function: (Lightbox variant)

Click on any picture on this page and it will open the image in the foreground and the site of origin to be darker to highlight the image. Then you can browse through pictures and se a more detailed description of the images.



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 Link module

Click image for larger versionHow annoying it is not to remember the URL of a website. These can be long and har to keep track of. We have done something about that. You add the link once, and it is available throughout the system.


You want to write a news article and want to put the link several places in the text. You select the text you want to make into a link, click on the link icon and you find the link in the list. There are no need to cut and paste. The system keeps track for you.



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 Backup function

Here you can take backup of the system. If you make a mistake, for example, delete a page you was not supose to delete, it may be retrieved from a backup.


It is therefore important to backup before making major changes. Everyone can make mistakes and this is some sort of undo button.



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NyhetsoversiktenYou have access to write you own news on the site, in the same way as you create/change a page. Quickly you can tell visitors about what happens.


  • Add/delete/modify news articles
  • Insert image at the top of the news article, directly from the gallery
  • Choose whether it should be possible to comment on every single news article.






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1 comment awaiting approvalFull list of comments on the news. You decide on every single news article if the visitors are able to comment on the article.


  • No: This is the default. It's not possible to comment on the news.
  • Yes: Visitors are free to comment on the news article.
  • Require approval: Visitors can comment on the article, but you must approve the comment before it appears on the site.

The overview of all the comments in the control panelYou have full access to all the comments in the control panel. If one of the articles have "Require approval" you will be notified every time someone posts a comment. You login to the control panel to approve, delete or deactivate the comment.


Comment on newsComment on news

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By default provided with a guestbook for each web site set up. You have full control to delete posts you do not want, and you can choose from features such as:


  • Disabling the guest book.
  • Disable the option for new posts.
  • Select whether it should be a standard form, or advanced opportunities for those visitors who sign the guest book.
  • Choose how many records each visitor can post per day.
  • How many items to display on each page.


You can even set your own rules which must be approved before visitors can post in the guestbook.



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 User administration

Keep track of who has access for the control panel. Easy management of users to the system. Maybe you have one to post news, another takes care of the pictures and media, others might deal with inquiries / registrations through the website, or perhaps you prefer to do everything yourself. You decide.


bruteforce protected  The system has built-in Brute Force Protection.


  • Add New User
  • Delete users
  • Own profile (Choose what information appears about you)
  • See statistics of when you were last logged on, the last time you changed your password, etc..
  • User Level: Provide users with specific roles and access to the system.




















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 Global site's settings

Here you change the time zone information, settings for daylight savings and various that is related to the actual site. Here you change the global contact information to be displayed on site.



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 Contact form

You change easily the e-mail address of for contact form and what information should appear on the contact page through the control panel.


You choose between two different layouts: standard or wide format.
You also get the opportunity to add your own map from google (the code for the map), display the map at the top or bottom of the contact page, you can also hide the map.



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 Help database and support

In the control panel you will find a list of frequently asked questions about the use of the system.


If you have problems or do not quite know how to do things you can check this. If you do not find the answer to your questions, you can contact support directly from the control panel. Everything is easily accessible.








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 System updates

Do you have a valid license for the system, we update the system with bug fixes, new features and other adjustments continuously. You do not need to think of this yourself. We take care of the technical. It could not be more easy. We also help you to update content on your site if desired.


Read more about System updates


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 Custom features

I need a feature not mentioned above, what do I do?

Then we can arrange it so that the function you need are developed and added to the system. This is something that is usually done when ordering the website, but you find that you need something later you can just contact us and we'll see if it is not possible to arrange.


Development and programming of new features is something that takes time. We try as best we can to develop new features that might be useful and that you may need.



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Everything is easily done through your browser.



For changes / updates to the system, you can see our note on facebook (no registration required) This contains more technical information about the changes that are made. Here you see the the errors / bugs that are resolved and new features that are added.


All prices are excluding VAT unless otherwise stated.



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