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Our area:

Vega Design provides services in web and designs. The main focus is on a self-developed publishing solution. With over 12 years experience in the profession, we place strong with powerful tools to help you further in the jungle which the Internet is.


Vega Design cooperate with several companies at Helgeland and work hard to give you what you need. We also work with professional designers who have long experience and good references they can point to. We pick from the top shelf so you can be sure that you get quality. We know the market and constantly follow the development.


Our areas of expertise are:

  • Content Management System
  • PHP/MySQL/Java/CSS/Ajax
  • Profiling
  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Database Management
  • Webmaster
  • Server Management
  • Updating and Maintenance
  • Other priority areas include: E-commerce solutions, reservations systems and registration databases.

We have developed our own CMS (Content Management System) that help you manage the content on your website. We can also help with setting up wordpress blog for those who want this or phpbb forum.


Vega Design located in the municipality of Vega South Helgeland. The municipality is known for, among other things, the world heritage and Ylvingen (Himmelblå), located in Norway. You can find a map here.

Høgåsen 36
8982 Vega 994 171 267
MOB: 916 99 215
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