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Vega Havhotell


Vega Havhotell (Vega Ocean Hotel) are located at Viksaas, on the northern side of Vega.



Toppenbua are located in the middle of a cozy fisherman cottage environment at Nes, Vega

Skålvær Velforening

Skålvær Velforening


Skålvær are located in the far west of Alstahaug Municipality. Right in the shipping lanes between Herøy and Vega. Not far from the World Heritage site a little further to the southwest.

Vegaøyans Venner

Vegaøyans Venner

(Vega icelands friends)


Voluntary association. Central work of the association is to help preserve the area's cultural heritage and cultural landscapes, arange tours, doing voluntary work and gather evidence from life in the islands. Uses ProfileDesign CMS and have their own registration form for new members.


Brygga og Naustet

Brygga og Naustet
(Wharf and boatshed)


Brygga og Naustet are two cabins located in an idyllic environment at Nes in Vega. The website features online booking and uses ProfileDesign CMS.


Vega-Delikatesser AS

Vega Delikatesser A/S
(Vega Delicacies A/S)


Total supplier of fish and shellfish products. Uses ProfileDesign CMS.


Vega Kystlag

Vega Kystlag


The team aims to protect the coastal culture as boats, engines, buildings and equipment for the future. Vega Kystlag are registered in the volunteer registry and are recognized as a recipient of "Grasrotandelen" (grassroots protion)

Uses ProfileDesign CMS and had its own registration and database for "Landsstevnet" (a country reunion) in 2009.


Gjestebok(PHP) - Vega Kommune

The guestbook for Vega Municipality


The guestbook are operated and maintained by both the municipality of Vega and The form are also awailable in english.


Posthistorie om Vega

Postal history Vega


Private homepage about mail and stamp history. Partially on english.


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