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22nd of December 2015 10:32 AM
De spoofer norske nummer for at du skal tro...
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» CMS (Content Management System)

Update content on your own website yourself. As easy as writing an e-mail. We have developed and put together a system that makes it easy for you to change the content effortlessly.

We develop and constantly improve the system to meet customer needs. Need a feature on your website that are not already in our system, we can develop this for you.

You do not have to learn programming to make your own website. We have taken care of the technical for you. Read more about the CMS system.



» Your own website

Do you have a message, a service, a product or wish to share information, it will pay to use the Internet for you. You can reach out to many. Right now you might sitting in your own home reading this, when you have the time for it.


You post your information in one place, and it is accessible to the world. Maybe you want to set up an online store and sell products and services.

The possibilities are many.



» Your own web hotel and domain

We help you to register domain. A short and descriptive URL, making it easier to remember the address for your area online.


.no domains requires an organization number


Read more about web hotel and domain



» Programming Services

The main area we are working with are programming against the Web. We have developed a CMS (Content Manga Apartment System) that allows you to publish information on the Internet effectively. We have many satisfied customers who currently use our system.


The priority areas within the course is: PHP/MySQL/Java/CSS/Ajax

We cooperate today with several companies and the feedback is positive.

We work hard to follow the standards set by the W3C for HTML programming, in contrast to many other web sites that deliver CMS systems.

We use such as HTML Tidy to check that the code to your site meets the requirements at any time set by the Wold Wide Web Consortium (

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